Why Gauteng is A GREAT province for weekend rides

For nearly everyone in Gauteng, the weekend can’t come soon enough, but for the motorcycle rider, the weekend means more than just two days away from your desk. When the weekend rolls around, we  get to lose the tie, get on our bikes and experience the freedom our beautiful province has to offer. So here are the main reasons why we feel that Gauteng is a great place to ride your bike on the weekend.

Saying goodbye to traffic:

During the week, traffic in the major parts of Gauteng can be unbearable. Bumper to bumper is a term we’ve all heard and a nightmare we’ve experienced often. Over the weekends however, the roads open themselves up to riders everywhere, to break free and enjoy the open road without having to weave in and out of stand still traffic.

The breakfast runs:

Gauteng is famous for some gorgeous breakfast spots. Every weekend hundreds of riders take to the road to enjoy the fresh air, like minded friends and long leisurely rides ending with a hearty breakfast at your favourite spot. There are dozens of locations away from the crowded city but close enough to head out for your morning ride, enjoy a meal and still be back home for some R & R in the afternoon.

The motorcycle community:

We are serious about riding and Gauteng offers its motorcycle community various ways to add to their riding experiences by catering to your particular riding needs. Long beautiful outrides, quick breakfast runs, and even some social events where you can show off your custom bike, the opportunities are endless.

The country side:

Gauteng arguably has some of the most beautiful scenery, just outside the city, to enjoy on your weekend ride. With so many options available: long straights for your roadster to dominate, winding roads for you to meander on your cruiser, and even some dirt routes for the more adventurous at heart. 

Living in Gauteng gives motorcycle riders ample opportunities to enjoy the weekend and take their riding experience to the fullest potential. Weekends in Gauteng aren’t just for hanging up the button shirt and tie; weekends are FOR THE RIDE.

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